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Dr. Njuki enjoying the children at St. Joseph's Center and Nursery School located in Bethlehem, Palestine prior to her mission team facilitating a three-day Early-Childhood Education teacher training workshop. The WorldHope Corps team  included the use of videos and computer technology for young children. This was our fourth experience of mission-based training in the Holy Land - two Early-Childhood courses and two Women's Empowerment courses

Donations of $100 helps with teaching supplies. Donations of $200 will provide a "learning device" to be shared by two children..

Online Courses in Asset-Based Community Development

Students are learning online through college-level courses or workshops the ideas of ABCD - Asset-Based Community Development which focuses on the assets that already exist in the neighborhood. The citizen participants commit to discovering available resources and skills to realize their community goals.  These courses are taught by the faculty of our partner NorthWind Institute and offer three units of college-level credit for qualified students.

Donations of $300 will cover tuition for one adult student to enroll in an online training course provided by qualified instructors at an accredited institution. Donations of $50 will cover the costs of textbooks for one adult student.

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NorthWind Institute is Teaching "Skills in Asset-Based Community Development" starting mid-November 2020

WorldHope Corps is actively seeking Hope Scholarships for our citizen leaders in Uganda, Malawi, and Palestine.


Support for Rural Schools

Teaching supplies are needed for all rural village schools. In fact,this pre-school in Malawi had no roof. Donations made it possible to put on a new roof prior to the 2019 "rainy season." An additional room was built for the growing number of pre-school students in the village.

In 2018, WHC re-visited another rural elementary school where we found men building chairs for the children. A member of the team mentioned that on the visit a few years prior, the men were building coffins for the children who died from HIV/AIDS.

Donations of $50 provides school supplies for one student for a year.

Hope Tailoring School, Malawi

Students funded by Hope Scholarships learn how to sew, create clothing and make alterations. As "tailors" they will bring resources into their family as they seek their dreams. Vocational Education provides skills that enhances employability and creates opportunities for self-employment.

Donations of $50 will help with materials and supplies required for a vocational course Donations of $100 or more will help us to cover tuition for one student.

We All Say "Thank You"

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